Caystone Solutions (CSS) is a business services company dedicated to providing comprehensive and customized services to business and family office structures as well as delivering operational solutions.

Engaging CSS to undertake these functions enables our clients to achieve both business and family office goals in a manner consistent with core values and established constraints. We deliver sophisticated, cost-effective solutions that fulfill regulatory, management, compliance, financial reporting and operational requirements.

Caystone – Business/Fiduciary Facts
  1. Services offered for Companies, Foundations, Trusts, Private Trust Companies, Executive Entities and Investment Funds.
  2. Through a network of partners, we work in a variety of jurisdictions including The Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Panama, United States and Switzerland.
  3. Licensed Financial & Corporate Services Provider.
Caystone – Funds Facts
  1. Licenced Investment Fund Administrator (Unrestricted) in The Bahamas.
  2. Personnel are approved as Directors under the Cayman Islands regime.
  3. Providing Fund Administration services since 2012.