For a full range of clients, including those involved with the securities markets, CSS offers a comprehensive range of services. We will provide clients with independent and timely recording, reconciliation and reporting of client assets.

Our team will pursue and process data, monitor compliance with agreed benchmarks, and conduct reviews that facilitate reporting to contacts and stakeholders.  In certain circumstances, CSS will offer services required by collective investment structures.  These CSS back office services are noted below:

  1. Record all transactions;
  2. Conduct necessary compliance with agreed parameters for business transactions;
  3. Undertake reconciliations and required correspondence with counterparties;
  4. Produce reports of all types whether financial, investment or cash flow in addition to those that are consolidated or produced by client or client group and corporate or holding company level;
  5. Liaise with counterparties including bankers, brokers and auditors;
  6. Prepare accounting records and reports;
  7. Prepare financial statements to IFRS standard;
  8. Serve as independent calculation agent;
  9. Serve as register and transfer agent; and
  10. Act as fund administrator.