For Entrepreneurs


  1. Collaborate with client’s advisors to compile a short list of jurisdictions from which to operate;
  2. Secure timely responses from governmental and regulatory agencies along with service providers; and
  3. Coordinate and compare financial and other providers, when requested, based on the desired profile for a service provider.

Front Office Services

Assist with all communication required for customers, inclusive of services to:

  1. Manage contact databases;
  2. Develop and execute corporate communication plans; and
  3. Maintain the integrity and confidentiality of customer information.

Middle Office Services

Devote attention to functions that facilitate increased profitability and resilience of the business. In this regard, CSS undertakes to:

  1. Provide data capture and timely reporting in order to clarify strategy and business plans,
  2. Interrogate transactions and agreements to improve productivity and profitability, and
  3. Monitor activity for compliance with agreed benchmarks to bolster revenue generation and risk management.